I'm an artist as much as an engineer or a designer — or to be more precise, I think the differences between the three are overrated.  Traveling makes painting an impractical medium, so most of the work here is older.  On the other hand, it's made it much easier to participate in the collaborative, performative Nordic larp world.

I have a Patreon, here, where you can subscribe to support my security and systems-focused writing.  You sign up for a fixed amount per essay (with an optional monthly cap), and you'll be notified every time I publish something new.  At higher support levels, you'll get early access, a chance to get in-depth answers to your questions, and even for more general consulting time. is me.  Along with making art, I consult, write, give talks, take photographs, and work on a number of public projects.  You can hire me to do all of these things.

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Seven Horizontal Studies

I grew up at a drafting table (my father was an architect), and it indelibly shaped the way I see the world.

I fell into both painting and larp, the two main art forms I take seriously.  I'm a photographer of expedience, if at this point an experienced one, but that's always felt like a hobby.  Both painting and play are tools for exploring the shape of the world, and ways of seeing as much as they are about any eventual output.

Quintych, February 2012

I gave a talk about aesthetics, systems, the way I see painting, and how it fits into my larger practice at the ICA FOMO event on May 30, 2015:

I talked a bit about the relationship between larp and some of the larger questions I see around design, politics, and infrastructure during the 2015 Nordic Larp Talks:

At the 2015 Creative Time Summit at the Venice Biennale, I talked a bit more about larp and collective knowledge:

During their 2014 Marathon, the Serpentine Gallery asked me to write on the subject of extinction.  The result was Walking on the Knife Edge of Crisis.

Here are a few in-game photos from two games I've been in recently, Monitor Celstra and Inside Hamlet:

Aboard the Monitor Celestra Inside HamletInside Hamlet

And here are a few more photos of paintings.  I should have both better photographs of these pieces and some new work to show here soon.

Closeup, Quad, November 2011Quad, November 2011
Three Vertical StudiesFramed